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Rampage IV X79 Extreme, GTX 460 Hawk and GTX 260 Black Edition


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1. My trusty ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 motherboard, has been used in my 24/7 system for the last 3 years or so but is now time for an upgrade, has had an LN2 session in the past and still has LET on the back around the backplate area as well as a small amount of LET and putty around the socket area on the front. You can remove these with a bit of effort yourself but I simply don't have the time right now to play around with it. - £140


2. MSI GTX 460 Hawk, purchased around a year ago now and never got around to benching it, have 2 others so can let go of one. - SOLD


3. XFX GTX 260 Black Edition cool collectors card, purchased at the same time as the 460, tested it very quickly a year or so ago but have no screenshots of the results and don't have time to revisit. - £25


Will update later with a few 775 chips as well as pictures of items (SD card decided to die whilst out so need to take new ones on phone)


3. Pentium E2160 - Quick boot test on my dying rex showed it does at least 480 FSB boot. - £4 + shipping.


4. Patriot Sector 5 2000MHz 2 x 2GB Elipda Hyper kit,one of the heatspreaders got knocked slightly off center when posted to me but this of course doesn't effect performance. - £40 + Postage.


I also have a lot of E2140s and 60s that I want to get rid of in bulk, if anybody is interested in these then feel free to PM me and if a sale can be done full details can be put in this thread to keep with the rules :)


Prices include shipping to the UK, shipping elsewhere is of course more and I will do my best to find shipping costs elsewhere :)

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