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Wrong background div I, II, III


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I am seeing a lot of subs in the div's with not the correct backround.

I allready reported several of them. Some of them get deleted, some are not.


For example an sub for div II with a background from div I.



So what is the deal. Are you allowed to sub with different background ?

Or are the rules enforced and are ALL the subs with wrong backgrounds being deleted.


I am hoping to get this sorted out.

Wat is the rule on this.


Thanks in advance

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For Pro oc we had problems with background, we will most likely accept the different versions we have. On divisions, this is hard to handle though for round 1 the problem is not this big.I think coorect 2017 background is good enough, often you cannot see the division sign anyway. I will make a proposal to handle it this way and also unify backgrounds for next round.

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The thing is, just my personal opinion tho.

If you want to compete in the different divisions you pay attention and use the correct background for the division.

Same way as with the normal rules for all submissions on hwbot.


I know you can't see the sign on all the subbs tho. But if they were visible and not correct, the need to be corrected imho.

Yes ur able to dodge the rule by placing the cpu-z tabs or benchmark over the sign.


I do like your proposal to get it fixed next round. Would be much more workable.


But that doesn't fix it for now.

I would like to see that people who forget (or are to lazy to change) the correct background get corrected.

There is still enough time to rebench if they need to.

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On a more serious note:

The background is required to unsure the scores are made during the competition time. The fact that the design changes slightly from one stage/division to another is just aesthetic here. As long as the background is the 2017 one I would not ask to rebench.




Too bad this applies only to some people,you managed to delete my sub even though i have more proof than others that it was made during competition.


Both screens uploaded on the same sub,which not only was taken out of the competition,it was deleted from hwbot ranking system.






The screenshots have time stamp,as you can see that with the background was made a minute after first one.


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I am "crying" only when i see people who think like you.

I may understand the reasoning for taking out the sub from competition,but afterwards to delete the whole submission it is just wrong.



Let me help you here.


All pertinent info needs to be in the same screenshot. Your's was not. This is not allowed in any comp or even a regular sub.



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Like said before, you submitted it as rig picture and not screenshot, now you have correct submission and this will not be removed from the ranking. I could comment a lot more about how guys buy hardware for 1000s of euros including 144hz monitor etc, hunt tweaks for weeks and then fail at screenshot and everyone else apart from themselves is to blame for this bitter injustice because this happens too often lately at all league levels, but I think this will not help the discussion if I state obvious facts, so the case is closed, the sub is ranked and for challengers it is out.

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Thanks,now I learned a new thing,that the extra space for pictures is only dedicated for hardware pics,I was thinking that it is there for any additional info which a user may supply.

I see my mistake and apologize for,sorry.


Is it allowed to post modified screenshots,like this ?





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