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WTB: Good 5960x


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Guys, I am looking for a good 5960x for benching on water, if anyone has one for me please pm details. Ideally I would like one that can bench at or close to 5ghz and hopefully run 4500 at low volts too (hopefully these will go hand in hand). I expect screenshots or other proof of any claimed clocks.


LN results will be no use to me, I need ambient results.


Seller must be willing to post to Australia.





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Here is what I have.


5960X - boxed - 2 years warranty left.

With all paperwork available.


Setup :


Asus Rampage V Extreme.

Custom watercooling ( 2 X RX480 XSPC rads ) + D5 pump.


4875mhz ( 125 strap ) core, with 1.42Vcore and 2.01VccIN

4500mhz cache ( 125 strap ), with 1.35V.

LLC 8.

Very good IMC, 32gb Trident-Z, B-die, 3333 ( 12-12-12-28-1T ), 1.55V.


Cpu can run for hours any 2D or 3D benchmark at these settings, except XTU ( possible at

4.750 )


If you are interested, we can discuss privately.


N.B. Shipping from Europe to Australia is pretty expensive with DHL or UPS.

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I have one in my daily driver I run at 4.6 with 1.225v and have run it at 4.8 with 1.35. Does 5.7 on ln2. I'm only running a single Swiftech MCR320-QP rad so I've never pushed it hard on water.



MetalRacer`s Ryzen Blender score: 28.37 with a Core i7 5960X


MetalRacer`s wPrime - 1024m score: 1min 3sec 308ms with a Core i7 5960X

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4.5 low volts doesn't really do much for 5Ghz capability. I had a 4.5 1.13V chip that needed 1.45V for 4.9.


I think what is wanting is one that can do 4.5 on "low volts" for daily use, and then if doing a bench run for a score, higher volts (like 1.45v for example) is fine.

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