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Not so long ago serious security bug was discovered. It took some time but now I can present the new version of X265 which implements fix to this vulnerability and also adds some other improvements. Here is the changelog for version 2.1.0:


1. Fixed security issue allowing score manipulation.

2. Skylake, Kaby Lake, Skylake-X no longer requires HPET when running Windows 8 / 10.

3. Open Hardware Monitor updated to version Alpha, added support for Kaby Lake, Skylake-X (not tested), Ryzen (not tested)

4. CPU-Z upgraded to version 1.80.1

5. Fixed data files path saving and name suggesting

6. Added/fixed profiles for CPU Feature Override (15h gen1, 15h gen2/3, 15h gen4, Zen, Kaby Lake, Cofee Lake)

7. Added legacy mode for compatibility with Athlon, Pentium III and possibly other old CPUs (pre-SSE2)

8. Dropped support for batch testing



To put some comments to the changes:


1. The score measuring is no longer connected to system time. Moving time has no effect on the score.

2. If you run X265 on these platforms using Windows 8/10, Windows Server 2012 / 2016, HPET is no longer required. This exception only applies to Skylake, Skylake-X, Kaby Lake, Kaby Lake-X. Everything else still must have HPET active.

3. This should make LCC and ambient cooling working on CPU released after Skylake. At least i7-7700K works (tested myself), Ryzen and Skylake-X might work (according to the OHM release notes)... but I don't have these platforms at hand, so can't tell for sure.

4. Should provide better HW detection for Ryzen, Kaby Lake, Skylake-X. Not sure if it supports latest 12/14/16/18-core i9 though.

5. There was a bug in older versions - when path for saving datafiles contained space (like "c:\my benchmark results"), then it wasn't loaded properly. Now it should be fixed. Just beware - if you are saving files to a network drive, make sure you open it using explorer (or anything else) first - so it will become properly initialized and connected. Otherwise saved path in X265 (pointing to network drive) won't work.

6. Nothing major, just updated few profiles. I doubt anyone use this function anyway :D

7. I received a bug report concerning incompatibility of X265 v2.0.0 with AMD Athlon (K7) and Pentium III CPUs. Most likely the updated version of the encoder is no longer compatible with pre-SSE2 CPUs, while the old version worked fine. For this reason I've added a legacy mode option which launches old encoder build (1.7.x) which was used in X265 Benchmark v1.2.x. This works for any CPU but performance is much lower... so unless you are running very old PC, there is no reason to use it.

8. I guess noone has ever used it... so now it is gone.



This patch brings no performance change, only bugfixes and minor new features.



Download link is here, feel free to test it: :)


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Hey any way to make the program not create a massive 100% load for 3-4 seconds during startup would be nice

It is possible to change this behavior of course. But this feature was implemented to (somewhat) properly detect multi-core turbo frequency when the benchmark is starting. I'm not sure if there is another way to do this.


If the benchmark crashes your PC at the launch screen due to high CPU load... then I'm pretty sure it wouldn't survive the 1080p preset anyway, not to mention 4k.

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