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[FS] whatever is left of my best PSC


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Up for sale are the remainders of my best PSC, which are the end result of 5 years (2011-2016) of careful binning.

After nearly two years of sitting in my closet untouched, I tried to give them a proper sendoff earlier this year, but the session ended up in a disaster due to lack of proper insulation (as I only had vaseline at my disposal).

Given my current lack of motivation and testing equipment, I would rather pass these on to someone who is still energetic about this type of IC.


Sticks #1 and #2 are part of an early-2011 kit of 2200C7 PI. These have a KO8155 PCB. These still work fine on air, but last time I tried these on cold the system shut down at -50c in BIOS to never POST again. A similar issue has already happened with this kit around 4 years ago, where some oven time has got rid of it for a few sessions. Some results:

Air: 32M @ 1333 @ 8-12-8 @ 1.82V (by me): https://abload.de/img/1333c8_182v_32m_z97roztkck.png

Air: 32M @ 1333 @ 8-12-8 @ 1.84V (by websmile): https://abload.de/img/1333c8_184v_32m_z97roeakdg.jpg

LN2: 32M @ 1441 @ 6-9-6 (by me?https://abload.de/img/443813zjjxp.jpg

LN2: 32M @ 1466 @ 6-10-6 (by me?https://abload.de/img/553890pbj44.jpg

LN2: 32M @ 1404 @ 6-9-6 (by Dancop): http://hwbot.org/submission/2784525

LN2: 32M @ 1429 @ 6-9-6 (by Dancop): https://abload.de/img/1430c6_xxxv_32m_z97roi5k5p.jpg

LN2: 32M @ 1443 @ 6-10-6 (by Dancop): https://abload.de/img/1443c6_227v_32m_z97royxkn8.jpg

LN2: XTU @ 1466 @ 5-10-6 (by Dancop): https://abload.de/img/1466c5_230v_xtu_z97rouyj08.jpg

LN2: MaxxMem @ 1500 @ 6-10-6 (by Dancop): https://abload.de/img/1500c6_xxxv_maxxmem_n1k4u.jpeg

LN2: FS Physics @ 1507 @ 6-10-6 (by Dancop): https://abload.de/img/1507c6_xxxv_physics_70krk.jpeg

Note that my LN2 results were achieved with a very special IMC so I'm not sure if anyone can reproduce the clockspeeds, even in ideal conditions.


Stick #3 is a part of mid-2010 kit of 2300C8 PI. This has a KO8117 PCB. It no longer POSTs even on air, but this has also happened before and was fixed by XA's certified ghetto repair technique :D. Some results:

Air: 32M @ 1333 @ 8-12-8 @ 1.87V (by me, single-channel): https://abload.de/img/1_1333c8_187v_32m.tig0pjuj.png

LN2: 32M @ 1400 @ 6-10-6 @ 2.18V (by me, single-channel): https://abload.de/img/1_1400c6_218v_32m.ln24tjdn.png

LN2: 32M @ 1466 @ 6-10-6 @ 2.28V (by me, single-channel): https://abload.de/img/1_1466c6_228v_32m.ln2bbk3y.png

LN2: 32M @ 1500 @ 6-11-6 @ 2.36V (by me, single-channel): https://abload.de/img/1_1500c6_236v_32m.ln2pykfd.png

LN2: 32M @ 1400 @ 6-9-6 @ 2.24V (by me, dual-channel): https://abload.de/img/1dual_1400c6_224v_32mn0j77.png


Last stick is from an early-2010 kit of 2000C9 Tridents. Is absolutely useless on cold as it fails even 1333 6-10-6 even though it's not too bad on air:

32M @ 1333 @ 8-12-8 @ 1.88V: https://abload.de/img/2_1333c8_188v_32ma3jb9.png


The mems are sold as is, i.e. with no original heatsinks, covered in thermal paste, vaseline and bartx aluminium heatspreaders.

These are sold explicitly as damaged and/or dead, so there will be no returns.

I've no idea how to price them in today's reality, so I'd start at 150 Euros excluding shipping, while being open to all reasonable offers.

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First two sticks are part of the same kit. The rest are part-outs because many kits are very uneven and when you start molesting them, "having a second stick just for having a complete kit" doesn't really matter anymore.

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