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Unlocking multiplier on Phenom II?


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On 8/28/2018 at 9:37 PM, Mr.Scott said:

That was a freak chip in your link. He just got lucky it unlocked into an ES. You may never see another one in the wild.

Just found this article here, is it possible that there's more to unlocking multiplier than most people know? Seems like in this link it was all cpus on a certain mobo with a certain bios. If there's a way to reliably unlock multiplier on locked AM3 chips could mean a lot for things like 1 core records.


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There were several cases like that, I remember in AM2 era or maybe it was 939 when a lower multi CPU was installed after a higher multi and booted at it. I consider this a CPU bug pretty mich like the unlocked i5 3570 which was the last mention of such a "miracle". I don't think these are repeatable. But sometimes worth checking (unlocking multi on mobile Haswell with old CPU microcode).

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