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[FS][USA] Quitting OC Sale :(


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I think I'm done with overclocking for a while, I just dropped a power supply out a second story window and I think that is the least harmful thing I've done so far. So it's time to move on for a bit. Here's a list of things I'm gonna get rid of. Prices dont include shipping and I prefer G&S or F&F

2700x - does 4300mhz 1.35v on ambient for physics. Also runs 3866 cl12 tight subtimings with my ram on a b450-i. - $250

16gb Bdie 4133 cl19 - never tested on Intel but does 3866 cl12 tight subtimings on my b450-i on ryzen so it can't be bad. - $200

B450-i - amazing little board for what I paid, not a C7H but an amazing 2 dimmer. - $100

Golden R9 Fury - did 1245mhz in benches on air, took every gold that I benched but FSE because I couldn't get my CPU high enough on ambient to beat it.. sold

6970 Lightning and 7970 lightning - I have no idea how to bench these cards but I tested that they work. $65 a piece? 

GTX 760 Striker Platinum - great card, quite rare. $50

Golden Vega 64 - once did 1800mhz on air before my old psu set it into flames, I've been told it's a relatively easy fix but I don't have the stuff to do it. - Sold

360mm Arctic aio with 6 fans. - works well - $60. 

















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