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Fasttrack - Core i7 8700K @ 5900MHz - 1940 cb Cinebench - R15

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3 hours ago, SonyHD said:

Superb cpu George!

Thanks mate :)

This outstanding cpu was sold to me ( with 30 minutes of operation only ) from the outstanding gentleman and personal friend @aerotracks

5.9ghz was extremely easy with 1.53V only, without temps even turning positive on any core. I think 6ghz is within reach with around 1.60-1.61V.

Will revisit soon :)

Best regards :)


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OK :)



This is my SS. I believe that there is noone in our community that does not know the KING builder of SS, Cascade and water chillers units.


@KaRtA Maybe you understand now how I can go high with relatively low voltages. If you read the manufacturer's description, you will understand. This unit folks idles at -67 and never

goes above -58 whatever I throw at it. Still to be tested with my I9-7960X and I9-7980XE processors.

To the guy who asked, no, none of my very high binned cpu's are for sale.

I believe that this concludes an interesting thread. Thank you all for your kind words and input.

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