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The official Challenger 2019 Division VI round 2 AMD / AMD legacy thread.


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36 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

Official start was May 5th and a new background was imposed and available from the 4th on...

I found the new background when I checked 3.5 - 4 hours prior to start of comp. Not sure why so many people missed this unless some of the links were not updated. Maybe people DL'd old BG the day before and decided to not check back before benching. Always a good idea to check rules etc. before -you- start benching, whether that's at hour 1 or a week later

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what GTI said, in all the years ive never seen one without some glitch somewhere , after all theres lots of submissions and lots of other things to deal with as well

if youre gunna have a go,  then  have a go, things happen , no need to get all girly about it lila is it, youll prob do better next time anyway


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