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Samsarulz - Core i9 7980XE @ 5400.8MHz - 95935 points Geekbench3 - Multi Core


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I fear it will be classified as a bugged run. Matt informed us about this in the Benchmate thread... there are other runs on Windows 10, check out Bruno's score . your single core is lower than his (logic as he runs 400MHZ higher) but your multicore Integer just adds over 4K... thats a big boost

Any chance to rerun without the Benchmate

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But different versions of W10 give a huge boost with GB3 (specially last ones) , you have to check yourself too. I will redo myself without benchMate just to be sure. Also take in consideration Im running 3600 MHz of Mesh, dont know if Bruno is running at those 3200 Mhz or higher, this bumps a lot Integer sub score and a bit the FPoint one. In FP im scoring less since CPU is running 5400 MHz instead of 5600 MHz.


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