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GRIFF - Pentium MMX 200MHz @ 403MHz - 403 mhz CPU Frequency


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My Congratulations GRIFF! Think, it is not The End of this CPU LOL ))) It is Golden CPU produced 50 week 2004 year, which I have tested last week, like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gold-Pentium-MMX-200-Mhz-SL27J-binned-by-Max1024-batch-L4500332-0080/323949385082
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12 hours ago, cbjaust said:

Did you use XOC mode for CPU-Z? Link says rejected though so technically this result, while awesome work, is invalid :|

Edit: Indeed half the top ten results are status "Rejected" on CPUID.

Yes. I'm use XOC mode of CPU-Z because version 1.90.0 freeze the system with nolmal mode. 1.89.1 work fine. Of you Need I can made VALID file with older vertion.

PS. I was thinking of making a video too.

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