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[FS] P5E3 Premium BOX, nice E8400 & Celeron 450, Winbond CH-5/BH-5 RAM


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#1 Asus P5E3 Premium. Pulled from old high end PC, I think it was never overclocked considering the dried thermal paste below the stock cooler. Full BOX, only manual is missing, but I guess you won't need that :)

Board is able to run 2000MHz 7-7-7 on double sided memory, which actually better than most Rampage Extreme which I had (only one was able to do it). It needs 1,75-1,77V on NB and very good airflow on chipset, that's all - no magic. PL9 on 2:1, as you can see on the screens. Board doesn't need any special tricks for FSB, I set only 0,67 for both CPU GTL.

Validation on 626FSB (probably end of the CPU, considering the fact that it can run 620MHz Cinebench).


150 euro + shipping (about 15 euro to most countries)

#2 E8400 E0 Q827. Pulled from the same PC :) In my opinion can be good candidate for some nice scores, 4650 @ 1,55V Superpi 32M, and 626MHz FSB Valid.

15 euro + shipping (about 5 euro to most countries)

#3 Celeron 450. Delided, IHS is loose, Kryonaut below the IHS. Silicon core lost a corner, but works without any problem. 4030MHz on Air as you can see, scales to 1,65V on air and runs hot (high leakage I think). There are some mine old scores on hwbot - made on autoscade in around - 65/67C


I think it's possible to do 5GHz on this chip on LN2 and get all the gold cups :)

25 euro + shipping (about 5 euro to most countries)

PayPal - friends and family. All items guarantee not DOA.












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Price drop for P5E3 Premium - 140 euro + shipping

I added some CH-5/BH-5 based RAM. 256MB sticks only. I tested mostly on Spi 8M.

#4 Kit1 - does 255 2-2-2-5 3.6V - 25 euro

#5 Kit2 - the best, one BH-5 stick, one CH-5 - does 270 2-2-2-5 3,6V (passes 32M, look on screen) - 35 euro

#6 Kit3 - does 255 2-2-2-5 3.6V - 25 euro

#7 Kit4 - two single Vdata and Twinmos sticks, I haven't tested them in dual - 10 euro per stick

This RAM is VERY hard to get, at least in EU at this moment. I kept for myself two 512MB (I've found only three in total) and I'm selling the rest. Not to mention about those which are suitable only for the recycling :)





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Added two 512MB Twinmos sticks (Winbond CH-5). Board or CPU IMC ends on 262MHz, so Stick 1 might clock better.

#8 Stick 1 260 1,5-2-2-2 3,6V - 20 euro

#9 Stick 2 250 2-2-2-5 3,6V - 10 euro





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