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AMD R9 290X reference PT1/3 BIOS


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I picked up an R9 290X on ebay that seems to do pretty well on that stock airplane blower, up to 1250MHz on core but at 100% fan speed it goes up to 80 degrees and when it goes up there it starts to artifact a lot.

I have a single stage I want to smack on it, but I cannot for the life of me find the PT1 and PT3 BIOS anywhere on the internet. Back when they came out I was running two of these with water cooling and PT1 BIOS and it helped a lot, og gave me full voltage control. With stock BIOS I can only go to +100mv on core and AUX, I remember these BIOS being ASUS vendor and their program could get full voltage control and bigger range on core/memory clock. Card does 1625MHz memory which is maxed out on stock BIOS with afterburner.

It has Hynix RAM.

Does anyone have these BIOS, or can point me in a direction where I can get more voltage control? I do not have the hardware to make a mod on it, and I need it by the weekend as I have a livestream coming up.

Thanks guys!

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From what Buildzoid wrote on his blog about it, the memory should benefit from core voltage.

I didn't test myself yet but I will try. I also don't know the core to memory clock ratio on the card yet. Apparently some have a golden ratio where memory won't be stable but can be at higher clocks because of core clock.

I hope I will be able to test it soon, also card might be trash on cold, it isn't a golden card either, I've seen some going higher on water cooling, but temperature seems to also be important as the second card I got can run 1200MHz core when it's under 60 degrees, when it gets over it can't go beyond 1125MHz.

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