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HWBOT goes Patreon, your support is appreciated


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Hello patreon supporters.
Given the current price increases of everything except our wages.
I chase away all my unnecessary expenses.
And so I notice that I give 20€ each month for hwbot because I want to support the whole team and I must say that I spend hours there.
Now, the observation is edifying we are at 277€ donation out of the 4000€ which in summary means barely 14 donors, is that correct?
How to get people to support hwbot??
Personally, I'm hesitant to stop my support because since March 1, 2021, when I started donating, I haven't seen anything concrete to thank donors, I'm not doing this to get a return but a small gesture of thanks would have been nice.

Looking forward to reading you.

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  • Crew

The Patreon compo was delayed due to the Intel competition... Easiest for us is to re-schedule next year in January. Country cup is running now, Challengers Round 2 starting soo.  The Country Cup is up next as is Challengers round 3... and normally there 's another big compo just aroudn the corner, but we are working on the details.

Your name will be on the list of participants evildeath

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