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PCMARK 10 what a nightmare on win 7


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It seems PCMark softwares keep sticking to the same old story of being a nightmare to get working  on various platforms.  I am trying to use Windows 7 as it clearly states it being compatible on their own homepage for the Express version.

The Video conf part wont start unless (according to UL input) the native Intel driver is installed somehow in parallel with the external GPU. Preferable both active in multi gpu mode. I somehow got that fixed with running my 8700K Internal GPU so it activates standard driver as no Intel driver exists for that particular GPU in win7. UL seems to blame Nvidia for this but I have tested with both Nvidia and Radeon and see same issue. I use latest drivers on both.

Now the error instead show up in the app start and/or when it runs the Open Libre sheets. Seemingly there is further errors in the OpenCL and/or ATi driver with Appcrash . soffice.bin and atidxx32.dll.


Im using the Win7 SP1 vanilla with all missing KBs fixed as to what it complain about at first with installation of drivers. (Kb4474419, KB4490628)

So is there anyone who has a hint about what more can be done?






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Just tested it out FUGGER and yes that works perfectly. No error messages at all. Which effectively mean that ULs instructions that Windows 7 SP1 works is not true. It has to be Windows 7 SP1 plus all the KB files until the OS was deprecated...

What is interesting is that PCM10Express even with error messages will run the error Libre office sections after the error messages are closed. As per info I saw on Steam effectively PCM will then run the spreadsheet parts without OpenCL at an estimated loss of 15-20% of the score while still give a valid score and validation link.

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14 hours ago, cbjaust said:

Not sure I can help but I ran this the other day with AMD 3900X/GTX 980 Ti/Crosshair VI and it works for me in Win7 and Win10 and with the same clocks versus Win10, the score on 7 was about 16% lower. 

thanks. Overall seems it runs better and with higher scores on AMD platform. I have only two old CPUs hehe will need to get more on AMD

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