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Cannot get a valid link for 3dmark vantage using Asus ch 7 x570 and 5950x help. I have been pulling my last hairs out of my head trying to get a valid 3dm vantage link on FM/UL. 

I have a huge problem lately with my set up running w7 fully updated and 3dm vantage , for a whole week i have been trying to get a valid link at FM/UL but i have not been able to do it :( . I have tried absolutely everything and nothing seems to work. On my older w7 installed that it got nuke after many bsod maybe , just maybe 1 out of 10 ~ 25 scores i would get a valid one. Very rare lately to get valid links with the error of timer inacuracies. Tried hpet , tried rtc , tried syncronizing my date and time with the internet , tried many differnet vgas , tried stock clocks and settings , xmp , no xmp , bios oc , software oc , systeminfo update , latest vantage installed , etc... + million times i have tested all and nothing seems to make it work again. 


 Has anyone found a solution for this problem ? please help with this issue as i will not waste my time anymore because neither w8.1 or w10 scores as good as w7 and yes i have tested all OS. I'm lost ... since old scores all were done on w7 and provide no links for FM/ULs , not fair game and are unbeatable scores even at way higher clocks on cpu , ram , gpu ...


Please @Leeghoofd update the rules and state on it a valid link is nessesary , thank you Alby.

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3 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

We need a link for Vantage, not a VALID one... You can use mod and Tess... It can never be VALID

hpet enable:



 hpet disable:





So all of this links are good to go then @Leeghoofd as per the rules ? gpu at 1185/1852 / cpu at 5173 16c active no ht on SS 5950x - This score is the same ball park as the top 3 running around same gpu clocks as me but i run higher cpu clocks and newer cpu vermeer 5950x - http://www.3dmark.com/3dmv/5886684

1st place  - https://hwbot.org/submission/4567571_matti_oc_3dmark_vantage___performance_geforce_gtx_690_81767_marks

2md place - https://hwbot.org/submission/4413882_nazar_3dmark_vantage___performance_geforce_gtx_690_80961_marks

3rd place - https://hwbot.org/submission/4565594_nata_58_3dmark_vantage___performance_geforce_gtx_690_77904_marks


compare my scores against the top 3. 

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Just now, Leeghoofd said:

Nope we don't approve timer inconsistency errors... Windows Time disabled ? Time automatically adjust disabled ? Not sure why you get them bro, but there needs to be a fix

Thanks for the reply Alby. windows time enable syncronized with internet time all good there. I have a love / hate relationship with amd x570 and vantage 😅 , i will try a different platform x299 as that one does not get any timer inconsistencies issues on the fm link. fok man i have no idea why this is happening and no one has a fix for it , i believe is systeminfo not playing nice with w7 and x570 since there is no chipset drivers or support for it. No worries bro it's time to fire up Big Berta again x299 - 9980xe.

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The weird part amigo , if i run benchmate it says timer hpet valid and gives me normal scores approved and validated the timers with benchmate, valid scores on any of the benchmark with bm. So who do we believe benchmate or systeminfo ?, only on 3dm vantage and 11 i have those timer inconsistencies errors. I strongly believe is systeminfo bug. Perhaps should be a good idea to include that timer inconsistencies are not allowed on the rules of vantage and 3d11.

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You can't draw the line from BenchMate to other benchmarks. It's an indication that certain timers like QPC might be alright, but that really depends on what the other benchmark is using and what BenchMate needs to do to make your benching as easy and bulletproof as possible.

For example the legacy 3DMark's use mostly GetTickCount and timeGetTime. Both are really unstable in comparison to modern time measurement methods. And both of these methods are completely avoided when using BenchMate and a more appropriate timer will be injected instead (and measured against 2 other time methods directly implemented via hardware in my driver).

Systeminfo doesn't do any timer evaluation on legacy 3DMarks, if I remember correctly. The time measurements are directly inside the benchmark. The newer ones seem to have additional checks, but no idea what and where.

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I install win7 on my z390 maximus xi hero using only the mouse on the back Ps2 port..I run benchmarks fine and make screenshots with the onscreen keyboard,not a big deal...BUT how can i verify my vantage score online in that system without Ethernet,usb ports etc? besides that most services are closed for better scores can't have internet connection.

Can i save the score in a file and verify it in my laptop using the same vantage setup there?

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On 2/4/2021 at 9:13 PM, Mr.Scott said:

Rules should be adaptable to all platforms that are capable of running the benchmark. Not just current gen. In 5 years you will be doing all this again with the mentality you're using now.

But if you tick "disable points for this submission" it should stay subbed right? If you're already competing using non-competitive hardware you shouldn't really mind that you don't get the small pittance of points you would've otherwise gotten.

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