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7 minutes ago, Antifreeze said:

I keep getting an Error 500 when attempting to submit via the "prepopulate fields by previous submission" radio button and selecting a previous sub. I can enter everything manually and it works, though.

This has been broken for comps for a long time. If it gets fixed will only be from the complete rewrite. 

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"hardware must be released before the compo starts, you will have to wait for Round 2 to use the 5800x3D " Isn't round 2, well, round 2 of the same competition? If so, how come 5800x3D will be allowed. If not, then, that implies that there can't be an overall winner, but only winners of individual stages, which defeats the purpose of having a competition with stages. Personally, I don't really care if it'll be allowed or not, but what I care about is vague and/or contradicting rules.
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