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Eisbaer798 - Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 5745.4MHz - 5745.38 MHz CPU Frequency


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^ I saw your other sub from the same board. Is this a problem -> quad core only works as a dual <- with the CPU’s or the board? IIRC these are 2 dual core CPU’s acting as a quad core. Can you set which 2 cores work in the bios? IIRC they use the FSB to communicate -> If set to high it is causing corruption in the data between dies? Next WR = SP 1m and 32m scores.
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I still cant't undestand the error. It just happens random. I can't say whether it's due to the voltage being set too high or something else. It happens with one Quad CPU and not with the next. In the case of the Q9650 result, the board itself raised the boot FSB from 535 to 638MHz. Don't ask me why...I don't think there will be new SP1M or 32M records. I was just able to validate the high CPU clock before the system said goodbye with a blue screen. Further attempts with an FSB of 600 set in bios were unsuccessful. So I Think both dual-core chiplets are active if you set an FSB of 600 in the bios.

And no, unfortunately you can't turn off CPU cores with a GB board. That only work with the rex which is again x48.

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On 4/26/2022 at 12:21 AM, Eisbaer798 said:

Unfortunately, this option is missing in my bios.

Checked both F8c and F7 versions for EP45T-UD3P with Modbin, the menu is there. Try ctrl+F1 in main BIOS setup screen.

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Ok guys, I`ve now tried something around. With Yorkfield CPUs (Q9650/Q9550 etc) the option does not appear in the Bios when pressing ctrl+F1. With Kentfield CPUs (Q6700/Q6600) the option appears in the Bios, but it does NOT disable any cores. With socket 771 dual core server CPUs (like Xeon 5150) the Bios option appears and cores can also switched off!
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