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cpuz frequency validation vs cores

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Think there is need for clarification as to which sub is supposed to be used for CPUz with this new full cores vs Performance core validation for cpu frequency.

I noticed that on for example 12900ks there are subs with 2 cores active in the top rank. but its clearly 2 performance cores. Thus effectively those subs should be in the 12900ks(8p) category.

Thus to qualify in the 12900ks pure category minimum 1 P core and 1 E core would have to be active otherwise it must be in the (P) only category. I am sure the OC performance might be very different as we go forward with this new topology.

Meanwhile we might need a third category (E) where all P cores are turned off 🙂

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that would be drama and negate a huge amount of efforts from people and defeats the single goal of just reachng a high cpu frequency. so sure dont agree. I dont mind disabling cores. but right now on trhe new processors its simply best to do double sub one in 12900KS and one in 12900 ks (P) with the same score. i guess we can get more points?!

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5 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

We allowed disabling before, only thing I can think off is to remove CPUZ it from the e.g. (P) versions

Roman has the idea to do only validations with all cores at the same frequency, now that will cause drama!

Definitely shouldn't do this, we joke that it's suggested just cause asus mad their lhe all core freq got beat by ln2 :P

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