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Second hand CPU and pricing


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So, this is something that I've been wondering, especially considering there's people here with 200+ CPU's in their hardware list, so plenty people that probably have experience in this market ? .


Recently I got a pretty okay deal on an Asus Crosshair, FX-6200, some mediocre RAM and and a Noctua NH-D14, so now I have a great AM3 board and I'm looking for more CPU's to put into it. Though, when I check the (semi) local pricing for 2nd hand AM3 CPU's I get:

* FX-6300: €20

* Phenom II X4 810: €30

* FX-8210: €25

It's already weird that the price goes down if the CPU gets faster, but is it me or are these pricing kinda high for these 12 year old CPU's that weren't even great to begin with ? Intel's 2nd and 3rd gen cpu's were much faster and those also go on sale for about ~€20-€30 nowadays. The next Intel socket goes for €20-€50 with someone asking €75 for a 4770K, which imho is ridiculous because a brand new €75 Ryzen 3 4100 easily beats this CPU. For €10 extra I have a new Ryzen 5 4500 which is almost twice as fast as a 4770K.


So now I'm wondering; are 2nd hand CPU prices way too high or have they always been like this ? I can understand that for AM4 the prices are still high since it's still a semi-current generation considering AMD keeps releasing CPU's for this socket, but AM3 is over 10 years old and AM4 replaced it 8 years ago with AM4. The same applies to Intel, why ask €50 for a 10 year old CPU which is 10 "generations" behind the current gen and is 4 sockets behind the current one ?

Am I just being cheap or do you have the same feeling about it ?


FYI, €1 = $1,09 ... so € is pretty much interchangeable with $.

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Easy answer for me , but i dont know about the others.


Perhaps ...

1)Supply and demand ?

2)Special specs or hardware abilities of some kind ?

3)Rarity ?


Many examples i could present you , but one possible answer to your question might come from the car zone.

Why someone pays more money for a 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL than for a 2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG SL63 Roadster ?




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I don't think any of the CPU's I've mentioned are any special. It's true that the supply side of AM3 CPU's in Belgium/Netherlands is small, but I can't imagine the demand side being that big either. The only thing I can imagine is that AM3 still officially supported Windows XP, retro gamers like to throw money at that old stuff :) . Though apparently AGP is more desired than PCIe.

The 4770K ... it's a K-sku, so that's the only special thing about it. It also seems to be a professional seller, so there's no info whether it's a golden sample or not.


I sure hope CPU's won't become like cars. Can't imagine someone waking up, walking to their wall of CPU's wondering which one they'll be putting in their computer that day 😎

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On 1/17/2024 at 6:33 PM, ogblaz said:

775 socket cpus go for 1€ a peice if you buy bulk. I have 200+ to bench and I didn't pay more that 150€ for them. But they don't get you many hwbot points.

you bench 3 shitty examples of pretty much any LGA775 model in a random board with random RAM on air for 3€, and you get more points than people who spend decades and thousands of € binning the more competitive models

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Yes and no. I've got a box of S775's and on air with some benchmarks I relatively easily got 10-20 points, into the 20-30's occasionally happens, so with a lot of them you might get a nice season filled with scores between 20-30 points. My best S775 score on air is 30,4, the best on dry ice is 35,2. You're definitely not going to score a lot of global points with them oldies that's for sure, but they are still awesome CPU's for the hardware master rank.

Once I tried dry ice, getting in the 20's and low 30's was more likely but I never got over 35,2points.

Benching popular CPU's definitely increases the potential points, my average score for the FX-6200 is 4 and I scored a lot of bronze and silver cups. I don't think many people will try that CPU nowadays, but it was fun and I got the cpu with my Crosshair board, so no complaining from my side :) .


So yeah, you can get about halfway of what people with golden samples can get, but 30x35 points vs 30x70 points makes a huge difference for your season and your career ranking. An extra 1000 points or so would get me from my current 1064th position all the way up to a 300-ish position. I need like another 7200 points if I want to beat Splave :D , or an average of 120 hw points, not going to happen with S775 😁.

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If you care about career you get a semidecent i9-1696900KSF from Der8pack and put it under LN2 along with any aircooled GPU among the hundreds that give 50+ points for 01 and AM3. Just remember not to go all out, so that next year you can upload a better score and get your points again. Not that many people care about career, so this is still a feasible alleyway.

If you care about hardware masters, volume is the name of the game. With all the exotic variations of CPUs and GPUs (especially ones that people pull out of their ass to have a category just for themselves) you not run out of models to bench in a lifetime, so neither binning nor even a single stage (let alone LN2) will be a cost/time-feasible way of getting more hardware points.

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I mildly care about both of them and I'm pretty realistic about any goals. There is no way I'll get into the top 500 career ranking, unless I throw a lot of money into binned (and most importantly recent) hardware. That's not my goal especially since there's tons of people in the career ranking that haven't been active for year, so that's just like fighting ghosts for me.

Season ranking is more fun, but again, no way I'll get into top 50 at the end of the year, but playing is more important than winning.

Hardware master is also nice and I'm glad it exists, it's why I still submit scores from crappy hardware that wouldn't even count in the career or season rank.

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