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Overview of HWBOT Online OC Competitions


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HWBOT Competitions


This thread contains an overview of all the competitions hosted at HWBOT.


HWBOT competition facts


Last updated 05/12/2011


- 8356 competition results

- 1380 overclockers

- 237 teams

- 76 nationalities


- 648 different CPUs

- 672 different mainboards

- 403 different GPUs

- 104 different memory kits


SELECT COUNT(*), COUNT(DISTINCT user_id), COUNT(DISTINCT user.team_id), COUNT(DISTINCT user.country_id), COUNT(DISTINCT cpu_id), COUNT(DISTINCT gpu_id), COUNT(DISTINCT mb_model_id), COUNT(DISTINCT result.mem_productgroup_id) FROM result JOIN USER USING (user_id) WHERE contest_id>0;











SELECT "[*]",contest.startDate,"-",contest.endDate,"-","[url=http://hwbot.org/competition/",contest.safe_name,"]", contest.name, "[/url](lvl",contest.level,")" FROM result JOIN contest USING (contest_id) WHERE result.contest_id>0 GROUP BY result.contest_id ORDER BY contest.startDate ASC;

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Quickly pulled some interesting numbers:


HWBOT competition facts


Last updated 09/08/2011


- 6922 competition results

- 1231 overclockers

- 222 teams

- 74 nationalities


- 579 different CPUs

- 573 different mainboards

- 343 different GPUs


Almost one mobo per CPU, awesome.

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