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Need confirmation...... 3DMark06, GTX580 & LOD


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Was benching 06 last night (single GTX580) and i'm not happy with my Deep Freeze FPS.


I was running low LOD because I thought my SM2 scores would benefit (being CPU bound,) but it looks like it did so at the expense of DF.


Is high LOD the way to go? Would it boost DF enough that it overpowers the loss in SM2?


Getting this score took FOREVER and quite a bit of LN2, so spending hours (and litres) in pretesting doesn't appeal right now :P


Cheers :)

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Test on air/water will show me 100% CPU bottleneck I think... behaviour at 6.1GHz is not the same as 4.4GHz :P


Of course, it is my fault for not doing more prep work, I think I put too much thought in.... my first thought for 06 is usually high LOD.... but i'm used to less powerful GPUs :P

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SM 2.0 is only about CPU Power, doesn't matter what type of GPU clocks or LoD you have, thats the result of my testings with 990x and GTX580.


So i would guess that you should choose the right LoD for DF instead of the right one for SM2.0...

But i benched without any LoD and the scores where pretty good with that clocks...

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You should get a 30 2600K to bin and find a good one and a single stage Kenny.

Pre-testing issues solved.


Fixed :D


Maybe no LOD is the way to go.... last time I benched GTX580 & 3D06, there wasn't LOD for the cards and I was happy with my FPS then hmmmmmmmm




Thanks for the comments guys

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