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AMD HD7970 First touch


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I finally received 1 sample. I didn't test any default clockspeeds because web is full of articles. I directly tried 1150MHz/1700MHz settings with 100% fan speed. It went through all the tests without any issues :)


Then I quickly tried to find max clockspeeds on stock aircooling.


Here are the first scores with 1250/1800 and 1230/1800:





These are sick cards! I raise my hat and bow to ATI.. or AMD to be exact.

Next propably watercooling and modifications and next week some ln2.

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I used 3Dmark11 1.0.3 version which should be the one we all work with. In other benchmarks we use latests versions, so why we don't do it with this one? CPU was at 5GHz so score is just normal.


Did some watercooled runs earlier today and got a bit better scores with 1275MHz/1800MHz.


Next mods and ln2.

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Nice Score Petri... can you try too on 3D 03 when you put on LN2 later.


I don't have good CPU for 03, so I will propably leave it.


Here are the watercooled runs. My watercooling for VGA is not strong, so there was not that much help from it.





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Ok, here are the new screens. The 3DM11 was only benchmark which was giving bad scores with old driver.


These results are made with max software voltages at the moment (1.25V / 1.75V) Watercooling was bad and block was used last time with GTX 7900 years a go. Nice that I still had it though.


Dirty setup



Hwbot unigine



3Dmark Vantage



3Dmark11 P



3Dmark11 X




Now the card seems to be very strong :) Ok, time to hardmod now when some issues are solved.

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Tried the card on ln2 today. Did hot wire mods with RIVE motherboard and that part worked well. There was a lot of issues with powertune and temperature. Powertune is causing totally random runs, if voltage or clockspeed is too high. I managed to get one almost correct run, but only with 1400mhz. Score was 13083 points.


Temperature was another issue. -92C was locking up the system every time and -84C was causing no voltage on boot.


I might be on rust, but maybe not this much.

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No, I got the bios what I was looking for today.


My card just had cold issues during that short session, so that might have caused all the weird behaviour.

Will try more on the upcoming weekend, when we have small SF3D OC Gathering event in Finland.

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