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Yes, 7 days to go for database server replacement.


I did not find any corrupted data on the server though. Seems like this problem solved itself?


As of this post, the problem is still there.

My profile shows me having 95 entries showing a change of points, almost all of these show a drop. I had a few submissions in the past week for points but to suddenly have so many show a drop is strange. I know perhaps one or two may have been beaten withing the last day or so but around 90 or so entries in a 24 to 48 hr period?

I can say after peeking through my profile, I've seen where at least 7 entries have lost points even though they haven't dropped in their ranking, meaning they haven't been beaten.


That has to mean something isn't right.

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uh oh ?


team positions are screwed up.


Did Not Correct the team totals on this page and calculate team positions.





21. 4356.30 France Union Francophone Hwbot

22. +1 4172.20 Italy PcTuner.net OC Team

23. -1 4148.80 Finland Team Finland

24. 3971.40 costom flag HW GURUS

25. 3945.90 Estonia Team Estonia

26. 3685.60 Russian Federation Z.O.T.

27. 3444.70 Turkey Hardware-Arena Turkiye

28. 2845.40 Denmark OcTeamDenmark

29. -14 2788.70 Ukraine Overclockers.com.UA Team

30. +1 +1 +5 2776.30 United States NBOC :: No Borders OC Team

31. -1 -1 +3 2719.60 United States Classicplatforms.com

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Is the same story going on as mentioned in the first post?


rank received 04 October 2009 8054th: 0pts 1st: 8.2pts +8.2

rank updated 05 October 2009 8056th: 0pts 1st: 8.4pts +0.2

rank updated 20 October 2009 not ranked 1st: 8.5pts +0.1

rank updated 29 October 2009 not ranked 1st: 8.6pts +0.1

rank updated 18 November 2009 not ranked 1st: 6.8pts -1.8

rank updated 19 November 2009 not ranked 1st: 8.6pts +1.8

rank updated 28 November 2009 not ranked 1st: 8.7pts +0.1

rank updated 29 November 2009 not ranked 1st: 8.8pts +0.1

rank updated 01 December 2009 not ranked 1st: 7pts -1.8


Or has HWBOT introduced new methods for calculating points?

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3063 was the last good screenshot,

The lower one is recent within the day today.


Currently it shows us at :


1. 7685.50 United States XtremeSystems

2. 3061.70 United States NBOC :: No Borders OC Team

3. 2963.00 United States Classicplatforms.com

4. 2017.70 United States "Overclockaholics"

5. 1147.30 costom flag 411 Overkill

6. 865.90 United States PC Apex


And that is off quite a bit.

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