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ASUS HD 7970 Direct CUII TOP in details


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so stupid .. why did Asus place that choke and cap there right above the GPU. Rest of the card look great. Maybe they're trying to force overclockers to buy Matrix...


I can see the solder points on the back. We can at least remove them from the front :)






I've seen early prices for this. Very close to reference, so i'm pleased Asus have chosen not to charge a big premium :)

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Holy shit: link


Apparently there would be an issue when using the card horizontally (like in a normal system) and the contact between GPU and cooler.




A French site tested the DCU2 cooler with a 7950 and, well, it's not doing too well. Slamms, can you check if you have similar issues with the 7970?

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Good to know, thanks MM. We're supposed to have one of the 7970 DirectCU II's on the way soon. I normally test on a bench too. Glad you posted this; I'll be sure to test it in a case as well!


One thing that bothers me about that link: "Asus was one of the first manufacturers to send us a Radeon HD 7950 semi-custom, that is to say, based on a reference PCB (but manufactured in its own factories) and equipped with a cooling system alternative, the famous brand DirectCU II." Their photos aren't loading for me, but the 7970 above is decidedly NOT a reference design. Did they really just slap a cooler on the reference 7950 for that DirectCU II version?

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This is the layout of the 7950 DCU2 pcb:




This is the layout of the 7950 ref pcb:




Seems like the PCB is a bit different (which is normal for the DCU version).


I think the problem is related to the weight of the cooler and the mounting mechanism. At least, that's what I get from the translation of the article. I think the author fixed the temperature issue by tightning up the screws holding the mounting and got normal results.


It happens, it's not out of the ordinary. What would be bad, however, is these cards making it to retail with this design error. I think that's what the author is hinting at and why he published the article: he complained to Asus about this issue, got ignored and found cards being pushed to retail anyway.


I wonder if it's present on the 7970 too. I assume it would be, given the similar mounting method?

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