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HWBOT job: 50$ to replace BIOS image

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Anyone here capable of switching the bootup logo of a bios? I know many overclockers thinker with the bios to gain additional performance, is there also someone who can replace the standard boot image with a customized one?


If yes, I've got 50$ PayPal for someone who can do it for me. :) Original bios and replacement image is attached.

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Thanks mate! What are the chances of bricking the system you reckon? The bios is not replaceable. :D


Done with MMTOOL v3.12 (http://www.rebios.net/biosfile/tool_8_RC1.rar)


Not sure, the injected image was 50kb larger uncompressed (but should be handled by the program) - I think if this would be an issue it will tell you during flash (try not to force flash on the first run).


I can try to make the injected image a bit smaller that is the only thing that might cause something - apart from that I don't see any issue.


let me quickly check the bios with mmtool again...

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Awesome sauce, thanks SoF! We've ordered a second Zotac VD01 box just to have a spare in case it goes wrong. : )


If it works, I'll be doing some hwbot-bios for sure :D


Should work on all AMI v8 bios...the software I found during today's search is pretty interesting also :)

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  • Crew

The logo replacement is one of the easiest and brick chances are lowest (I don't know any). But SoF used an older 3.12 version of MMTool. I use 3.22 for AMI8.

Checked what SoF has done - looks fine. But when I opened his first picture version and clicked "Save for Web" in PS it made the file 22KB while his second was 29KB. Anyway it's nothing, nice work!


The AMI logo (that's the same place Award EPA logo is) can be replaced too but it's harder to make a replacement logo (that odd format doesn't give much freedom for design).


So this Massman Edition BIOS is a present for Massman? :D

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