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El Gappo

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I did follow hwbot and MOA rules...

Nobody can prove that I share hardware, because I do not share nothing diferent than knowledge.

If I told him...settings....tweaks....tricks....tips...will keep doing for him and for all my friends that question me....and its not out of the rules...

In no one place in the world....people need to prove that is not guilty, but instead need to prove the people are guilty.

Some guys here believe that be similar result is sharing...

These guys do not consider that be used diferent operational system, diferent Bios, diferent MB, diferent RAM timings, and main.... diferent benchers in diferent places.

This guys do not consider that I can help with settings, templates, and important tips (I consider that to decrease BCLK before begin CT test).

This guys do not consider the most important....that until a children know what I mean...

If we are doing sharing....we SURE was changed the most information was possible...

We do not shared....so we do not worry to change...and again...he can set similar settings in his computer.

People bringing things non sense and off topic to bring riot

We benched (I in my home....and he in his home) according hwbot and MOA rules.

Regardless I am sure MSI and HWBot will not find any prove because it not exist, people just spread bad things and badmouth about us... and again...regardless we go to Taiwan, this guys got their sucess to kill our hard work...our effort...

I am really disappointed with this and tell to consider to make a video be mandatory in all competition


So, I forgot to tell to people that question about RAM and SSD.

Regardless we will not use same SSD and RAM

Summarized the rules regarding team benching like they are now. Some need to be re-written or add some line to + need to add sponsored events. These rules are

about CPU and GPU, not motherboards/ram/tweaks. Bench alone: - post results with your own hardware

- post results with hardware you have for review, send by the manufacturer himself

- FORBIDDEN: post results not done by you / not your hardware. Bench session with more than 1 person: - post result to account of owner of the hardware (3d: vga, 2d: cpu)

- when sli bench with two owners (each one card) post result to one account (you can chose which account)

- FORBIDDEN: post multiple results of the same session spread over different accounts - FORBIDDEN: share cpu on 2D and/or gpu on 3D benches with te


I di not remember this detail... further we don`t use same harware, if we used (that`s not real), it was not forbidden according the rules.

Still not see at least one valid arguiment, thats not to tell...is similar (almost similar, because I did ran memory at XMP profile, worst bios, blablabla)...

Please turn now forbidden to run almost 5550 Mhz to all 3930K (if still a golden 5800 Mhz CPU...but not...a standard normal CPU)...turn mandatory to use standard and do not change SSD brand, turn mandatory to run diferent than XMP (OMG)..

I think was enough

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There are guys trying to force people to think wrong, and doing wrong comparisons, bringing wrong things, etc.

People asking about to share SSD, to share CPU, use same settings, to xxx, xxx, xxx…that’s absurd because things like share SSD do not exist and do not prove nothing (even we did share, but we didn’t share).

According to the rules, is forbidden to share VGA, and we don’t share VGA, because he bought a VGA from me, he has his VGAs and I have mine.


I have now important information to show you.

We do not used same cpu, BUT if we used, it was not forbidden…

In all places in the world, people need to prove the guilty, and after be penalized….but at hwbot, we are just penalized because our name was dirty, and nobody never will prove nothing, because we benched diferent computers in a diferent places.


Gnidaol is very close to me and I sent pictures from an event we were 2000 Km home, posted few posts ago, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, to teach and talk about overclocking to 1500 people, but this is off topic to this email.

Gnidaol is present in all events we did, since 2009, learning and overclocking, and now, he has knowledge enough to obtain his own results.

He went home to bench lots and lots and lots of time…and since 2009, and after MOA launched, at least once a week we benched together at my home (my PCParts, to get result ONLY TO ME).

The reason I am sending this email, is to to show the real prove , we do the results each alone, and tell result is similar is NOTHING.

There are information about and event, we did at april 21, after MOA just started.

It shows we benched together, in a class, and you can translate, we did brake World Global Record (before Ivy Bridge is launched, and it was the only great result this day)






If you translated the post here, we did told to all that we braked a World record at event but we were keep secret to MOA…so it was world record before Ivy Bridge was launched and I did improve this score to 199419 marks after AT HOME ALONE.

Gnidaol benched with me, this time and at least 4 times more in my home, so…. Is SURE, he used similar settings than me, because his CPU is only a lit bit better than mine, because we used GTX3 RAM (I work for Corsair and he is a reviewer), because he get directly from MSI X79 GD65 to review, blablabla.

If to be benched with diferent clocks, diferent BIOS in diferent operacional system (diferent WINDOWS) and diferent SSD is not enough, even DO NOT EXIST this kind of sharing, I can show to you be sure, why he can easy use similar settings.

One main reason that prove that he benched in his home, and in separate session, is that my motherboard was killed, and I could not improve my results, but if it was not death, you can be sure I was try to improve my results, and possible to surpass Splave score was possible (nothing is impossible, even with a super score from Splave).

I am focus MOA and I am 2 months without to send results there are not to MOA.

I did travel 10000 Km to USA to buy 3 videocards and they gave me one more to review, you can call and ask MSI Miami, and Gnidaol did received board MSI X79 GD65 (you can MSI, South America, because he was do a review to MSI).

After lots and lots he is my best student, and he is completely able to do the result he sent….and is nothing more than normal.

Gnidaol just travel to MOA finals in 2010….he went to MOA Vegas at 2011….and after long time benching lots of sessions, he was able to do a great job like he did.

In the pictures I just posted few posts ago, when I did show I spread overclock in events and classes to thousands,..,..in all evets he was present….

You can see in the hwbot post his soldering hardmodded videocard in the year 2009.

Why we need to prove???....and why there are no one (yes….NO ONE because is not true) prove that he has not his own result.

Sure I helped with knowledge…but he did alone BECAUSE he can do alone.

The pictures below is from an event, to 25 people, where we benched to MOA, but the results is not for me and for gnidaol….was ONLY for me.




Here told about our event…




More than 50K visitors in best foruns in Brazil, knows and follow us

So…I will tell you a question.

If Gnidaol usually go to my home and events, and many many times benched with me, don’t you think is normal he use similar settings than me?

He knows and learned how to control a VGA temp…how to find best settings and improve results.

Now….we spent lots of time, money and effort and some guys want to dirty our name.

I think, after we see this topic (from our event and talking about we focus MOA)




And….after see the pics we working together in the Room Saloon (party area) in the building I live.

Gnidaol bench with me, MSI Boards, with green MOA VEGAS T-Shirt.

Is quite obvious that, using SAME MODEL RAMs, background, motherboard, cpu, videocard, blablabla, the results can be similar.

In no one place in the world you can be guilty a guy if you can not PROVE (PROVE is not tell is similar).

The pics above, from event in april 21, shows…the videocards, the polemic SSD Gskill, hard overclock and lots of fun.









































Many more and nice Pictures here




We talked about to do a lucky draw in event, to overclockers, to know, IF one of the competitors win, invite a friend from there.

One more important information.

Few days before 1st MOA stage ends, I did chat with Massman (MSN), so, I told Massman “I just got 15K but I can not improve my result because I killed my motherboard.

So, in the same day, same chat, I told to Massman that Gnidaol has good chance, before he has a 1650 Mhz card.

I hope you consider what I am showing, and consider our name is dirty now…and more than MOA and more than all, I would like to ask you, as a friend, that clean this complete unfair that’s happen.

This total non sense flame was bring to a guy that DO NOT LIKE ME, and I DO NOT KNOW WHY...and after this, people are flame the topic with false suppose.

I think nobody in all the world, teached and spread overclocking to more people than me…that is the art I love and care to spread with responsibility and main…ethic

I am waiting a providence from somebody, to clean our name, because what was posted in Twitter was really bad, and every guy that be accused false accusation, have his rights.

I would like to hear HWBot, that before to prove, posted false accuse about us, check all informations and clean public our names.

This is many more than enough to clear this case, and finally declarate us winners, instead to be flame false accusations WITHOUT NO ONE PROVE, and only talking $%#&@ about to be SIMILAR (OMG).

Sorry the broken English…I hope you understand.

Best regards

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Videos now required for validating team benching scores. Its about time!


We just spent one more night to bench the same...

We spent LN2 thats expensive

We had a bad weekend with a sad mother's day because people make false accusations, like you did.

So..we proved ... and they (Hwbot, Futuremark or MSI) consider more than enough.

So please, don't start to flaming again

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I've been this post, now, after everything has been cleared, make a few important comments that I think may be important for the future of the community, and even, to next events (can be MOA).

Gnidaol and I, were in a fantastic event, 2000 km from home, where we were to make presentations and teach people about overclocking.

It was a Friday, we were happy with the certainty that we have achieved a place in the MOA final.

The post of El Gappo, followed by lots of bad insinuations succeeded in leaving us the pleasure of being there.

We were a bad weekend and a sad mother's day because it.

Not only that, but the bombardment continued, and nonsense comparisons as worthless, were placed in an incisive way by some people in this house.

You may not believe, but the Gnidaol became ill and had fever, I believe that so outraged that was because it was put into evidence their competence and ability, and worse than that was withheld from him the right of what had done after a lot of effort.

We were asked politely by the hwbot, that kindly asked us to do the tests again.

They did not doubting about our results, they just said that there were many coincidences and due to having had many complaints, they asked us to do the tests again under the conditions stipulated by hwbot and msi, after complaining from lots, was necessary.

I would ask for those who accuse without evidence and sought to encourage and force coincidences.

What was the destination, if one of our videocards had not worked in Livestream?? .... or .... And if the day of the Livestream Gnidaol or I, for reasons that are quite common to extreme overclockers, we could not demonstrate a good result??.

I think it is not necessary to give an answer to this ... everyone here knows what would have happened.

I only bring this, to next time for everyone, people think about it.


Again to the thread... I don't think Splave was dranked... maybe at MOA 2012 we can drink a lit bit more...lol

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