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Team Xtreem LV 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-22400C11 2800MHz Dual Channel Kit


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Hi to all

This thread about top overclocking kit of RAM produced Teamgroup Company. Its called Team Xtreem LV 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-22400C11 2800MHz Dual Channel Kit


This memory kit designed to work for Intel CPU Ivy Bridge and chipset Z77.


-memory frequency 2800МHz

-primary timings 11-14-14-31

-worcking voltage 1,65В

-memory bandwidth 22400МB/s

-support Intel XMP1.3, compatible with series Intel 7 chipsets and higher

-lifetime warranty

Team Xtreem LV 2800MHz used Samsung HCH9 chips, full marking SEC 137 HCH9 K4B2G0846D. These chips are 8 layer PCB, and dual-sided that very important for good overclocking results in 2D tests. Kit use standart TeamGroup package




Chips wear in good recognizable radiators radiators with a comb-shaped X and company logo










To test memory test stand was assembled the following configuration:

ASUS Maximus V Gene BIOS 0075

Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5GHz

Team Xtreem LV PC3 22400 DDR3 LV 2800

ASUS 7300 LE

WD Velociraptor 1500HLFS

Antec TPQ-1200W OC

The CPU used by self assembly of liquid cooling system, KPT-8 thermal paste, memory cooling fan 92mm.

Testing programms:

ОS Windows XP SP3

CPU-Z 1.61

SuperPi 1.5XS



SuperPi 32m test was used as a measure of stability as the most complex and demanding to the frequency and timings of RAM.

The first step was checked by the stated frequency of 2800 MHz, but because the site is overclocking, then once complicate the problem by lowering the timings to 10-12-12-30:




This is high frequency for lower timings and air cooling

Step ahead




At a frequency of 2933 MHz with 11-14-14-30 timings and 1.7V voltage I was able to load the operating system and go through a short and Pi Cache & Memory Benchmark of AIDA 64.

After raising the base rate, I have submitted an impressive air to 3000MHz



Maximum result(suicide screenshot)





Also check was made on the so-called downcloking, memory frequency low voltage:

2600МHz(10-12-12-25) 1,6V




2400МHz(10-12-12-25) 1,5V




Excellent results at such low voltages. Frequency 2400MHz already be achieved not only on sets with chipset Intel Z77 but with the top at the moment, X79 chipset. Voltage 1.5V in the age of green technologies will reduce the heating of the memory module and save some electricity. In addition, cheaper memory, with a face value of such 2400MGts timings and frequency at 1.5V is not subject to generally require a higher voltage.

There is still expected to test using liquid nitrogen, which is sure Team Group memory manifest itself even better and will help dostingnut greater heights. This same set can be recommended for "advanced" overclockers.


-hand-picked chips

-the highest-rated frequency

-Intel XMP 1.3

-overclocking potencial

-lifetime warranty


-high price

-requires a processor with an excellent memory controller

Many thanks:

- Team Group for Team Xtreem LV PC3 22400 DDR3 LV 2800 kit

- ООО ПФ Сервис for CPU Intel Core i7 3770K

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I don't have the same kit and don't want to hijack Maj0r's review in any way, but here's about the highest I can push my Team Xtreem 2400C9 kit with C9 and tight subs. Still a bit slower than PSC/BBSE on air but they do pretty well imo. My best and favourite air kit. Maybe even more in it, that run was just to keep cpu at 4ghz.



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