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How-to save OC profile or entire BIOS (including OC settings!) with GIGABYTE board


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Hey guys,


Just a quick thread to show how you can save your GIGABYTE OC settings so you can share them with other users or use them for future reference. There are two methods:


- save OC profile

- save entire BIOS (!!)


If you want someone to boot up with exactly the same settings you're using, the second BIOS save option should be much more interesting than the first one.


1) Save OC profile


What everyone probably everyone already knows is you can save/load your OC profile to and from a USB drive. All you need to do is go to the save profile section, select 'select drive in HDD/FDD/USB' and save/load the file you want. Essentially, you are just saving the bios settings here and loading them back in as you do when normally using a BIOS profile.


Note: if you want to load the OC profile, you need to make sure you're on the same bios version as at was set up on.






2) Save entire BIOS with Q-Flash


A feature I was completely unaware of and Hicookie just showed to me is the option to save the entire BIOS, including default settings and OC profiles, to your drive. This is very handy for people who want to OC multiple systems to exactly the same settings. To save the entire bios, just open the Q-Flash, click save BIOS and it'll make a dump of the BIOS.






So, if you have your PC running at 4GHz set in the BIOS and then save it through Q-Flash, if you re-flash that saved BIOS it will automatically run 4GHz too.


If you're on the same BIOS, you can use the first function. If you're not sure the person who wants to try out your BIOS is on the same version, or you want to batch OC a series of system, use the second option.

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