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Problem with SLOW shipping from Ryba CPU and VGA Pots


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Hi! I am sorry to hear this sort of story once again. I am well aware of these issues, but I have no power to fix other peoples lifes.

All the customers have got their products in the end, so that area is still ok.


I will try to push him to solve this issue.

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Hey Aramys


It's a pity you haven't told me it earlier, cause I met ryba during PGA event in Poland on 28.10 so I would ask him to solve this problem. I have just sent him sms about it, cause I tried to call him but he didn't pick up. Hope it helps.


From what I know it's not the first time, even in Poland he shipped hw sometimes after 2-3 weeks from one city to another in distance of 300 km and package goes only 1 day so...


Hope you will get your staff soon, I know you are worried, it's not cheap staff. But to cheer you up I haven't heard any case where someone was cheated by ryba, so I guess when he will check this thread he will organise quick shipping. May the force be with you!

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I need to remind people who is buying SF3D OC Infelction point CPU pots > Please send the requests and e-mails to: sf3docsales@sci.fi

If you do direct deals face to face or via msn or pm's I am totally out of the loop and can not track any of those cases.


There is no problem to get info from ryba, but it will just take time. He have not been too active lately in general.

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Hello guys


Good news...

Ryba made contact with me today and explained that he was in such a hurry after MOA 2012 and he also got sick

He has apologized for this problem and sent me the tracking number of the shipping (EE165115773PL), which was made on October 27. So that's what really happened and he also told me that he wasn't able to answer messages because of all the problems he had.

Apologize accepted and thank's everyone for the support, i'm really grateful for that.



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