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Overclocking GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 Rev3 (FBd bios) with FX-8350 Piledriver

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Just a quick heads up for everyone who's playing with the UD3 and Piledriver.


GBT recently released the UEFI BIOS for AMD on the 990FX series and I had the opportunity to quickly get a hands-on testing. As you can imagine, going from regular to UEFI BIOS comes with a whole lot of issues and problems and the first release didn't do so well for overclocking. I've quickly tested this combo for overclocking capability and the latest FBd BIOS fixes most of the issues I had before. The board's playing quite nicely HTT-wise - better than the UD7 in fact. There's still some stuff missing (DDR3-2400 divider for example) and some bugs (HTT overclocking when XMP enabled might not always work), but in general it's now working fine for overclocking :).


If you're on FA or FBa BIOS ... definitely flash ;).


Didn't have the time to do much testing, so just ran a quick 3DMark11 Physics test on air cooling.




Bios download: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/BIOS/990FX/9FXAUD33.FBd


Have fun!

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Small update - I am done with the UD7 at the moment, trying the UD3 to see if I can push the HTT clock a little bit higher. Seems to be working fine:




The UD7 was stuck at 335MHz HTT frequency. That board has a 6-layer PCB. The UD3 can easily do 350MHz HTT and has 4-layer PCB. I think it's obvious why I am trying the UD3, not much more explanation is needed. The efficiency on this board is off for some reason, I think I'll have to re-install the OS to get the right efficiency back. That will be something for later this week, though. Next objective is to see if I get my good PiFast run back (17.4x) and then Super PI 32M.



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PJ what was your max cpu clock on this board?


About 8GHz. Didn't see a big difference in stability between UD3 and UD7. The UD7 is a bit easier because it doesn't have that UEFI interface and a bit easier to boot up. But, the UD3 works fine too once you get it up and running. Didn't have much issues.


It will be interesting to see if you can improve efficiency. I'm wondering if I should get one of these (rev.3), but what stops me is the fact that efficiency on my 970A-UD3 went down the drain with latest bioses for Bulldozer/Vishera. Older bioses are just great for Deneb, efficiency wise.


The efficiency is, I guess, related to the CPU architecture. Piledriver is just slow ...

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