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Also the screenshots of the result view and detailed result view are now public (I know some of you saw a draft of this earlier...)





Also, while not shown in this image, the 2nd view (hardware details) will also show, on top edge of the screen, a link to the result validation if the result is valid. So a screenshot of 3DMark run is always going to offer a simple link which anyone can use to see if the result is photoshopped or not. No need to do forensics on the image any more :)


We also plan on iterating on the detailed view more based on your feedback. The ultimate goal is that the detailed view would show everything you need for a result screenshot without having to have separate CPU-Z/GPU-Z running. I'm fully aware that it may not be perfect yet (it was bit of a last minute addition) but we'll improve it for the inevitable first update.


And yes, both views are in windows that are fully scalable so you can easily fit them side-by-side at least on 1080p monitor.

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Are those temperature numbers going to be able to cope with negative numbers or possible -#.INF coming from the sensors?


We honestly haven't tested them with extreme temperatures. As far as reading the code, in theory it should.


So I guess the answer to that is "we think so - if it breaks for you, let us know" :D

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Im more interested to see how much secure it is seeing that Vantage/11 can be manipulated (+ORB).


Depends what you mean by that. I know two (theoretical) loopholes that were closed (and they will be closed in 3DMark 11 update as well) but I have no idea if they are what you are referring to.


And in any case, our philosophy is that casual hacking and tampering is prevented (ie. you can't just randomly edit files or modify executables to get better scores) but beyond that there is really very little we can do without truly draconian Punkbuster-style active monitoring of whole system state (which would unavoidably degrade system performance).


Also as to "hidden" / "undocumented" driver setting tweaks using nvinspector and the like, as long as the settings are not publicly available on normal driver control panel, we currently do not look at those. The whole LOD thing is extremely lame and obviously makes the result bogus as you are not rendering what you are supposed to be rendering. Claiming such a score to be legit is... well... I think it is pointless.


Only real way to "fix" that would be to include several rendered frames in the result file (making it considerably larger) and then do frame comparison server-side against DirectX reference rasterizer image. Problem with that is that the video drivers these days are not always deterministic - there is always very minor inaccuracies so it is far from trivial to do image comparison that allows such nearly-invisible minor inaccuracies that are considered normal.


Ultimately hardcore competition benchmarking is *your* hobby. We make some tools, you decide how you use them. If you collectively decide it is okay to render whatever on the screen and cheer for big numbers, well...

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should be the same registry location/valies from a driver to another.


They don't store those settings in registry, at least NVIDIA. So you must implement their API but ofc it changes from time to time. Last code split was at 265.XX (or 256.XX?). As for ATI they store in registry, and can't remember ever changing the location in years :)

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