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3DMark - Some new info


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Some new info up on 3DMark.






So, who's up for some iToy overclocking? :D


(the teaser is aimed to promote the cross-platform nature - there will be a desktop version and it is the one with all the tests, more on that in the coming weeks as we gear towards launch...)

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There is a logic behind this - basically we'll have


3DMark for Windows

3DMark for Windows RT

3DMark for Android

3DMark for IOS


(and potentially others...stay tuned!) so tossing additional numbers there would have made them somewhat long.


Also remember that the desktop version is basically three 3DMarks in one and the scores will be named with the scene name (so "3DMark Ice Storm score" etc.)

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lets call it 3DMark12 on hwbot :D


I actually suggest;


3DMark: Ice Storm

3DMark: Cloud Gate

3DMark: Fire Strike


..as all those have multiple tests, each comparable to what 3DMark 11 contained. It really is three-in-one and if you go look at score on 3dmark.com after a complete run, you get three separate overall scores (and each of these have their own graphics / physics scores etc.).

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It will be interesting to see how the community feels about the new 3DMark.


@Jarnis: since you are releasing new DX9, DX10 and DX11 benchmarks, does that mean you will discontinue the existing DX9/10/11 benchmarks?


No, not at this time.


(granted, 03/05/06 will eventually be phased out as they are XP era benchmarks but not anytime soon. It will pretty much be based on the usage statistics. 06 is still very popular - even if it is bit of a CPU mark these days)

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