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ES CPUs and Xtreme OC League


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Thread resurrection....


4770k ES, after reading the above i gather with 4770k being current 4 core, ES isn't allowed in OC? If that's correct (?) would it change if there were to be a Haswell refresh?


4770K not allowed now no and I would hazard a guess that it won't be allowed during the refresh either due to the fact that Haswell would still be the latest architecture :(

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Aren't they the ones supposed to be called Devil's Canyon and will only be supported on new chipset Z97 boards? Sounds like a new generation of hardware to me. I suppose the argument can go either way, we'll just have to wait until there is an official decision.

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Haswell-Refresh is just a bunch of new models which are still based on the same Generation. Those are exactly the same chips just with higher clocks so 4770K ES will still not be allowed (I guess).


Next steps are Broadwell and Haswell-E


PJ should clarify this tho.

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