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Vishera/Richland SuperPI 32M 5G Challenge

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Under 10 minutes requires about 7.5GHz. The only chip I had capable of that didn't survive the 1M attempts, sadly enough. The golden K10 chips will have to be beaten by the golden Bulldozer/Pilldriver ones; it's not a walk in the park :(


So far:


- 9.703s at 7.8G

- 10min 14.079s at 7.35G

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the WR of AMD is 9m:59s, I believe, this WR will fall soon. Froxic tested average FX-8350 without tweaks and with only one DRAM, 32M at 7550 MHz, IMC 4144 MHz, DRAM 2800 MHz around. My chip is better and still is not the best from all :). Stilt has one with 6 GHz "air" validation-seems promissing chip.

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yours and I.NFRAR.ED's ram is crazy fast!


i got a pair of crappy ripjawsx that cant go tight, however i didnt run wazza or have the right theme....


ill see what i can do! 10 seconds should be easy enough?!



you know techPowerUp! hwbot team are recruiting :P

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