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Vishera/Richland SuperPI 32M 5G Challenge

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14m 14.297s | G.Skill Pi 2000C6 @ 1300 8-12-8-26 1T tWCL6 90ns






CPU frequency is ~4998MHz, like in this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/qCwtv7D.jpg.

Just a cpuz glitch at the moment of taking the screenshot.


newlife, you did an excellent job! Took me some time to beat your score.

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Guest Bullant

Very nice Infrared,cold PSC should see some nice gains as well


Edit This was air? I haven't ran Amd so not sure of the max freq on air,2600Mhz cl8 seems good from what Ive seen

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Bullant, ram was on air, yes. Not a problem for the PIs, they should be good for at least 2666 tight on Intel.

I put the cpu on SS to clock the CPU-NB higher, because 2900 on air was not enough.


The problem on AMD is that at high frequency it starts to drop a channel or if I manage to boot in dual channel it's not stable.

To be honest, I haven't played much 32M on Vishera, so can't tell much details. Not sure if board or cpu related.

I have no Samsungs to try though and BBSE was a no go. Also tried Hypers for 2400 8-8-8-24 tWCL6, but didn't manage a full run.

From all the mems I have, Pi's were the best.


It was painfully slow before Stilt's BDC and I really preferred 32M on K10. Now when it's a little faster and there's some activity ion the thread, it is time to play :D.

Wish I see you both here, but I know it is too sloooow for you...waiting 15min every time :D


BTW, there's one of my runs with ram on LN2 http://hwbot.org/submission/2426500 but not sure this was the optimum. I didn't like that board, it had some serious problems with bios..at least for me.

Apart from that, we had some other runs with ram on LN2, but on a different board


1444 7-11-7 seems more like it...



or 1330 6-10-6, but he already sold that cpu



As far as I remember 1400 6-10-6 was also possible with the first cpu, but don't remember subtimings. Definitely going to try with that board again, although for that kind of frequencies CR=2T is required.

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Just what I expected. The power of Gigabyte 970A-UD3.

It lacks tWCL in bios (board sets it at 8) and can't run 1T at 2600, but still faster.

It is almost as fast as Crosshair III Formula with K10 and it seems not bad with K15 too.

Also a very very tricky board.


Shaved one second off.



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