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PSU for 980X?

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Antec 1200W non OC is the highest model available in my country.

I want to buy it to replace the Corsair HX1000 for Gulftown benchmark (LN2, for sure).

Does the bigest difference between us is Fan Control Knob/+12V Voltage Control Knob, not the clock of 980X?


I tried all psu already. Corsair still cannot pass 5.7G cpu test. I change psu to antec 1200. Everything is fine. 6G pass cpu test so easily. I have no any idea why psu is so important for gulftown. Maybe you should ask nickshih why antec's psu can handle gulftown easily.:D


and any PSU recommend for 980X?


Here is my best result with Corsair HX1000.





sorry for broken English.


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At high clocks and Vcore, Gulftown can pull over 500W of power.

Since most modern boards are designed so that most of the power CPU gets through the 8pin EPS, you'd need a unit that can give over 40A of current on +12V rail that goes to the 8pin EPS. (which means that all 18/22/24A multi-rail designs are to be thrown out).

Gulftowns are also very sensitive to voltage output quality.


What to recommend?

I'm not a big fan of Corsair PSU, but their HX850 (70A singlerail) , TX950 (78A singlerail) and AX-series seem to do the job well, just tell us what brands you have available...


Personally, I use a very old Silverstone OP1000 (Seventeam built 80A singlerail). Having compared with many "popular" models seems to be best PSU i've tried so far.

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I know about the overload. But if the calculations are right it's overloaded more than 50% above it's wattage! :)


its rated 1200w


1700w from the wall...considering efficiency at max load...say 85% ...its only silver rated...


actual load = 1700 x 85% = 1445w dc


overload percentage =( 1445/1200 - 1 ) x 100 = 20%

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