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Code 55 Error on MSI MPower


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Urgently need some help here. Getting Code 55 continuously on the mobo. I know its related to memory or CPU IMC. Have changed 12 sticks of memory, 1 at a time in all the ports. Have tried 2 CPUs. Ofcourse have cleared CMOS, switched dual BIOS switch.


Its supposedly new mobo which even booted once, was in Windows installing drivers etc when the computer hung and since then its giving this error message. BIOS was on its default settings so no overclocking has ever been done on this motherboard. Is it possible that the motherboard is dead? Or am I missing any troubleshooting step?

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could the PCB be bent?


hmmm....didnt feel like it. Will check it thoroughly. In your experience that can create specific code 55 issue?


Infact since I know over-tightening the CPU cooler can create issues, I even tried without really securing the heatsink and just placing it on top of the CPU, though with no luck.

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Take a good look at the socket if some pins are bent and if not, try again with boxed cooler to rule out problems of too much pressure on cpu - I had similar problem at M5G, this had bent pins in socket, after this was rpaired, board works flawless now

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