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Guide to Motherboard Product Series

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For your information a break-down of the different product lines of motherboard companies. Some are a bit less clear than others, so I hope this list might help you get some clarity.



  • Extreme series (feature rich normal users)
  • Fatal1ty series (gaming)
    • Champion
    • Performance = budget
    • Professional = feature-rich

    [*]Icafe series

    [*]OC Formula series (overclocking)

    [*]Pro series (budget users)



  • Mainstream series (normal users)
  • ROG series (gaming, overclocking)
    • Primary denominator
      • Rampage = high-end Intel chipset series
      • Maximus = mainstream Intel chipset series
      • Crosshair = AMD series

      [*]Secondary denominator

      • ROG uses roman number scheme to indicate the generation of the series. Eg: III = 3rd generation ROG motherboard.

      [*]Tertiary denominator

      • Extreme = most feature-rich
      • Formula = second feature-rich
      • Gene = extreme, but mATX
      • Hero = budget series
      • Impact = mini-ITX

    [*]TUF series (stability focus)

    • Sabertooth = full ATX
    • Gryphon = mATX



  • Hi-Fi series (mainstream)
  • TPower series (overclocking)


ECS Elitegroup

  • Deluxe series (mainstream feature rich)
  • Essentials series (mainstream budget)
  • L337 series (gaming)
    • Gank series = intel mainstream
      • Machine = mainstream
      • Domination = high-end
      • Drone

      [*]Killsteal series = tbd

      [*]Aggro series = AMD platform



  • Classified series (most high-end board)
  • Classified SR series (dual socket high-end overclocking)
  • Dark series
  • FTW series (affordable mainstream)
  • Stinger series (mini-ITX)



  • HOF series (overclocking)



  • G1-Killer series (gaming)
    • Assassin = high-end Intel chipset series
    • Guerrilla = only on X58, discontinued
    • Sniper = feature rich gaming board
    • Sniper B = budget gaming board
    • Sniper M = mATX version of the sniper

    [*]OC series (overclocking)

    • OC = budget overclocking board, built for records
    • OC Force = feature-rich overclocking board

    [*]Ultra Durable series (normal usage)



  • XPower series (eATX, overclocking)
  • MPower series
    • MPower
    • MPower Max

    [*]Gaming series



  • Pure Platinum

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  • Deluxe series (mainstream feature rich)
  • Essentials series (mainstream budget)
  • L337 series (gaming)
    • Gank series = intel mainstream
      • Machine = mainstream
      • Domination = high-end

      [*]Killsteal series = tbd

      [*]Aggro series = AMD platform


I had too look it up because I thought you were pulling my leg. Can't believe that's real :D

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It is real. I don't understand their approach at all. The idea of using words instead of a letter/number combination for products is to get the customer to remember your product more easily. So they use words now ... but also kept the letters and numbers. So now we're stuck with an even longer product name like "Gank Machine Z87H3-A2X Extreme". Too many characters.


It's not easy to make things easy.

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  • Crew
Hi Gigabyte Team!

Why you consider as the best for Haswell Records...

OC Force or simply OC?


i remember with my quick testing on Z77 the chip using nvidia PLX was "faster" for 32m because it didnt go straight to cpu, this is rough testing a did a while back so someone will have to confirm. But if you go for single card records, then X-OC, if you going for multi GPU then X-FORCE

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