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Splave's How To OC Samsung IC with ASRock Z87 OCF


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Very informative and useful post by Splave over at XS


If you have benched haswell for a while you notice that its a very quirky platform. Here are some tips to get your Samsung 32m and overall memory performance boosted up a bit. Ever get that feeling that when you go from 2666 to 2800 adding 134mhz to your clocks should benefit you more than it does?


Blame your RTL's.

  • First off lets go into the memory configuration page and at the bottom disable MRC fast boot so that memory will train on each boot.
  • Then go ahead and apply 2666 profile for samsung in the memory config page as well as setting 2666 memory divider.
    Resist the urge to tighten the settings "You know" will be faster for now.
  • Instead apply the settings and save and exit to allow it to train at 2666.
  • Go back into bios and check out where your RTL and IO-L are at. They should be approx 42/43 4/4.
  • Okay so now lets go back into bios and set 2800 and see where they lay. Should be around 47/43 9/4 (IMAGE)


Okay so now lets explore the memory training threshold setting. This will allow you to pull in your RTL tighter as well as gain some

stability. I was also able to train at lower voltage when settings where correct. Auto should be 11 by default. so first try 13 and check your rtls again, and if that works try 15. 15 should give you the same rtl by auto as 2666 divider (IMAGE). You will notice you are getting much faster 32m with rtl nice and tight.


Once you find a happy setting, lock it in by setting it manually before you change second and tertiary timings because setting these before hand may cause your rtl to auto looser. For me it was 42/43 4/4. You will look like a 32m god even with some loose subtimings!!




Another thing to touch on is the common practice of training at lower divider then bumping up it up without retraining. IE 2666->2800 you will notice the system does not shut down completely and retrain. In this case RTL will look tighter but performance will be poor as you can see below. This should be around 7m24.750 (IMAGE).

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HI Splave


Even its an oldie, this thead is pretty use full. So thanks for That

I was wondering if you have an howto/guide explainig howto manually tweek ddr3/4


Is there any fixed or -top prefered - working order for tuning the dram.


So start with the desirered frequnce / after wat will you finetune further after that;


Primary Timings, Lqtency Boundaries, Compensator, secondairy timings, Tertiary timings, IOL and RTL, Any thing I forgot?


Also if you have any other tips, or you think other info might be very beneficial, I would love to hear


Bests Henk

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