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HWBOT API (XML-based) - Rev2

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Gobal Point Is Hard For Me To Reach . It Makes Me Down......




Hi Massman,


would really like to have ranking based on country. an api which can provide ranking of OverClockers based on country.




API that allows you to insert a ranking like this: http://hwbot.org/community/country/belgium/overclocker


Only member or also team?


Variable = country

Variable = member/team

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I suppose it would also be nice to have an automatically updated list of the ongoing competitions at the bot.


A socket specific list would be cool:)




You mean on the site? API is to show HWBOT information on other websites.

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How about best bench per team?


For instance... SuperPi32m.. who has the the best..


Bench with most points...


Any api for statistics coming down the pipeline?


If you need any help, I am a .Net developer....


What kind of statistics do you want?


The purpose of this thread is to find out what we have to include in the new API :)

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Dont mean that ;)

I mean a form that is windows based, so when you take a screenshot the program will then ask you for the system specs and all the stuff from the online form and it will then pass the screenshot to the API,


I think the API would also need a way to pull the data on the HW from the Bot's DB

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Actually mutant, it doesn't work for sigs - while technically it would, many browsers don't operate well when there's a thread displaying many posts and each users sig is running the hwbot javascript. The browser gets laggy and runs like crap with that much javascript, we've seen it happen in posts on OCF when we were first testing the feature as R_B was developing it.


But voidn is on the right track for something with a lighter footprint, we do something similar with folding stats:



If we were grabbing the XML and pumping the data into a DB table, it wouldn't be much of a leap to then implement this ourselves for benching stats:



The largest problem with doing that is using PHP to generate the actual text/image - getting the layout right is similar to making a really complicated vbulletin sig, it takes a lot of trial and error to get right.

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