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Strange bug with MSI Z87 Mpower


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Hi all.


I have a strange bug with MSI Z87 Mpower under LN2.


I have an air preset, fully stable. Here is it:


CPU Ratio x47

Uncore Ratio x39


VCORE 1.27

VCCSA +0.2

DRAM 2400 MHz @Cl9 1.95v (PSC, Memtest ok)

PLL Filter Enabled (SB PLL)

Power Limits 4096


OVP, OCP, C State, EIST, Intel Thermal Control, VID Connection & etc are disabled.

4cores|8 Threads


So, I booting with that profile. Temps on LN2 Pot is about -80.

I set up VCCIN to 2.3, after CPU Voltage to 1.75 volts without increasing ratio. After that all motherboard immediately shuts down. No bsod, no reboot, just shut down.


If I set lower voltage, for example 1.5, it's works and allows overclock. 1.6 same as 1.7 but not always.


Used bioses:






Any ideas?



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I have also tried Mpower with ln2 and I was pretty bad,


In xTU 5ghz turned off until I do not understand why.


I've tried some different things bios and bios.


Nothing helped to be stable.


Very different from the xpower that is far more stable.


I hope it will be your

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Apparently I used V1.3 for everything. I did all of my MOA subs with that bios and chip ran pretty strong. The only downfall was that bclk changes would lock up system within windows and that i couldn't boot with anything other than 100. I put 1.43 on the 2nd bios and bclk worked fine when testing on air but as soon as I tried ln2 it wouldn't work. Since I had the pot cold already, i flipped the switch and just ran V1.3 with 100 bclk. None of this is taking into consideration obvious issues such as psc not working at 2600 or 2666. Matter of fact, I'm pretty sure the 2600 strap is broken.

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