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trans am - Core i5 655k @ 3990MHz - 7min 17sec 453ms SuperPi 32m


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thank you MAster. I cant believe this board. that was a raw win install no os tweaking. mem can go further, qpi maybe. I was seriously intoxicated during that bench. That cpu did 6.3 before and that was at a -90c cb. I was at -140 at crap volts, crap mem/qpi/no tweaks. I think I can squeeze a few more seconds in the future.

this board is unbelievable!

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killed the board and the 655k. I'll try to get another one before the end of the contest. thanks everyone for your nice comments. it means a lot to me. I know my ram is crap and it couldve been much better but I rushed and did what I could but now I wish spent more time figuring the os out and working on my memory more. now that i killed the board its given me time to reevaluate everything. just looking at everyones submissions and trying to see what I couldve done differently. everyone has been so kind to everyone in this contest and seem more interested in the other ones in the contest than helping themselves. if you are fed up like myself with all the overcrap discussions lately and just want to see a bunch of good people having fun overclocking just to overclock then this is it. this contest is a reminder of how overclocking should be. I cant wait to see what happens during the last week of the contest. its gonna be rad!

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