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North Bridge Tune for 440BX (WBX Tune 2.31) - Oldschool i440BX memset


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Download here: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/WBX%20Tune%202.31.zip




Hi! I am looking for a Intel 440BX timing set utility. A well-known Memset program does not work with this chipset. I have few 440BX-based motherboards and my problem is that

a A-Trend ATC motherboard have problems with stability while setting a 100 MHz FSB frequency. I think this is because of lowered timings (and crap bios for sure). I just want to change it and overclock it.


I have also a few 440BX Abit motherboards with "good" frequency generator. Just need to change timings.


I found something in a BP6.Com forum, but I can't have access because of registration system is turned off. If somebody have this program, plese upload it :)

LINK to the forum: http://www.bp6.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=3666


Program name is: North Bridge Tune for 440BX

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Thanks :) It does work perfectly!





It is possible to change lots of chipset's registers and frequencies of ram controller and many many other settings.


@Antinomy - I was looking for a NForce 1 overclocking tool, but no way to find. ClockGen can work with NF2, but no way to go with NF1.


Any Socket7 or older tools will be usefull (eg. GA-5AX tune program) :)




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...post them for everyone...


Very good idea! :)


If you have a time, do the list of programs/tools.

I am looking for a SuperPI compiled to windows 95/98. Will try to launch my 480 DX2 66 MHz and maybe a 386 processors, so it would be nice to see a SPI 1M score :P

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