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  1. Rules should be adaptable to all platforms that are capable of running the benchmark. Not just current gen. In 5 years you will be doing all this again with the mentality you're using now.
  2. Need a HWB liaison to contact Wizzard at TPU and tell him exactly what you want. He is willing to make the changes in GPUz, just needs to know what all the problems are. I have mentioned this many times at TPU but could not answer all of his questions.
  3. Because some people just like to bench old gear. Doesn't really matter which benchmark.
  4. Yay!! Only a couple thousand more to go.
  5. 05 is no longer supported. I don't believe you can get a UL link for it anymore.
  6. People will fuck those up six ways from sunday. Gotta make it simpler. And honestly, core model on those cards makes no difference from a benching standpoint.
  7. Problem with that is, they're all 7800 GS. It is up to the user to find the good ones.
  8. Why is it that when you don't know the tweaks, it is always 'some kind of cheat'?
  9. Right on. Half of the Enthusiast league will just cheat it anyway.
  10. Pretty sure that was it, yes. I don't ever remember it being reinvoked, but don't take my word for it. I do not know everything. Still, stupid rule for the reasons I gave above. I would just dump it.
  11. Pretty sure that rule was rescinded a long time ago, because you could pretty much take a pic of stock air and put it with any sub. Pic is not positive proof of cooling method used. I will try to find the thread.
  12. You just doubled your 'if you can't beat em,report em' reports. You know that don't you.
  13. Hahahahahahaha............. Dare to dream. Sorry Jon.
  14. Shitty idea. Comp points SHOULD be included in career, otherwise it's not really a career ranking, just active. Can this be fixed?
  15. I remember when benchmarking was synonymous to overclocking hardware. Now it swings toward hacking software more so than overclocking hardware. Have to draw the line somewhere........and stick to it.
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