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  1. I can tell you they were good boards, when you got a good one. They all suffered from Epox sudden death syndrome, and were just as temperamental as the DFI boards. Pretty much just as hard to find as an Ultra B right now.
  2. Expensive. Needs a re-cap badly. Pretty much all my Ultra B is good for is high FSB and SPI. I use other boards for everything else.
  3. What Alby said. ^^^^^ Good to see you around Kenny.
  4. Not for nuthin but that's 210 MHz and DDR 420. Socket A max's out at 300 MHz or a little better. That's DDR 600.
  5. A few bucks a piece Wasmachineman.
  6. Certainly. Please don't think I was trying to nic somebody elses work. That's not the case. Just wanted to add the pics to the public volt mod section of my site, in case anybody wanted them. Didn't really think that was a big deal.
  7. Who told you that? They may be similiar in OC characteristics.....sometimes, but they are definitely not the same product.
  8. Thanks for everything you do Greg. It is a thankless, never ending job for sure.
  9. Very generous. You are a hero. I cannot participate because I have used extreme before, but I will send some w9'ers that haven't. Party on.
  10. Mint condition GA-X58A-UD3R 1366 board. I'll take 75 USD + shipping. Message if interested.
  11. So you're saying Coffee Lake is no more efficient than Sandy Bridge then? lol
  12. FWIW, I have both Abit IC7 Max and Asus P4C800 E and the Asus board kills the Abit. I also have all of those 370 boards, and all are top quality overclocking boards.
  13. I have a mod bios for Delta- L. Done probably 10 or so years ago. Allowed me to get to 220 FSB or so iirc. It was a long time ago. DeltaL585.zip
  14. No such thing as a 1050T. It is a 1055T. CPUz misreads it.
  15. TASOS, you can come bench with W9 anytime you like.
  16. Good on you Alby. You know there is a few more to go.
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