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  1. I remember when benchmarking was synonymous to overclocking hardware. Now it swings toward hacking software more so than overclocking hardware. Have to draw the line somewhere........and stick to it.
  2. Storage has always been a big deal in PCMark. At least it is in 04, 05, and 7.
  3. Much grey area, too much for proper moderation IMO. As for Knute's subs, he has shit that nobody else has. It is a fact. I don't dispute any of his subs. I once long ago questioned some of his subs. I've seen pics, and I question them no more.
  4. Is the OC eSports site kaput now? Haven't been able to get it in a couple days now.
  5. Don't beat around the bush, just spit it out. That way it can be nipped in the bud before it becomes an issue.
  6. Awesome clocks buddy. I can't reach that with what I have here.
  7. On Avalanche: He deleted his own stuff. Tried to delete his entire account, can't do that here. FWIW, he quit W9 and deleted his account there too.
  8. I have benched many dual socket boards. What Alex says is correct. Don't even waste your time on anything single threaded.
  9. So, usual rules then. Thanks Alby, just wanted to check.
  10. What's the percentage of deviation from validation to screenshot on mem frequency Alby? And is SPD tab required for screenshot?
  11. Maybe, but I doubt it. I will tell you though, Allan is a true extremer. He went in full tilt without even thinking about it. He and about a half a dozen others wound up getting banned from EOCF for some bullshit reason and started their own extreme forum and bench team (OCA). Most are gone from HWB now but I still remain friends with all of them. They were awesome, and all good dudes. I miss them.
  12. My opinion, No, I don't care. Reason, if you're an active participant at HWB you already know what you're getting into. A better option would be the league changes that I've been spouting for years already. Also, don't really care if the poll is anonymous. I got nothing to be ashamed of. Good poll Al.
  13. Still getting a sunburn.........but I'm a vampire so........................
  14. Nice and simple. Good. Need dark theme though.......or free sunglasses.
  15. What did you do to get it running correctly?
  16. Thank you for responding Roman. That in itself makes it mean more.
  17. Ban by IP address, unless he is rotating them.
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