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  1. I really cant wrap my head around why its such a big deal to have multiple OS's. Just set up a ssd with the os for the bench you want to run and go to town. And if you say its becuase most new guys have win10 my response to that is, Benching on your daily OS is lame, efficiency typically sucks and if you push memory to hard youll screw up your OS anyways....so why would you even want to. Or maybe im just missing the problem....
  2. Just a PSA, For those who think they can just look at retail photos to see if the sticks they are buying are a1 or a2 DO NOT trust it. Some retail photos are not what actually ships to the customer. So again, do not base your purchase off of retail photos, best thing you can do is google the model number of sticks you plan to buy and find customer photos of the kit to see where the capacitors are. Also, i cant confirm or deny this capacitor theory, but my a1 sticks definetly have the capacitor above the notch and my 1 kit of a2 do not. So it would appear to be a plausible theory.
  3. Awsome! You're just growing up so fast......Have fun at the big kids table, don't let them bully you around and don't let them steal your lunch money.
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