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  1. I also have in my collection ASUS P5A-B, but officialy this board can only 120MHz FSB... I tried to pick up different positions of jumper and can do only 125MHz FSB. Wich jumpers position for 140MHz FSB?p.s. My GiGa is stable with 140MHz FSB on air ;p
  2. The first versions of Java at installation pop up errors and there is no possibility to continue installation. I thought that if the first versions are not installed, then later ones will not be installed either. But as it turned out later versions after the error continue installation. After installing the 8th version of Java, I was able to improve the score up to 21 points at the same CPU frequency...
  3. I thought tha lastest java for winxp was 7.71... How did you install it? I had the error.. VIA MVP3/MVP4 is faster than Aladdin 5..But any way, your score is fantastic and deserves respect. try to beat it-)
  4. What version of Java? very very good efficiency... I can get about 700 points at 810 MHz, but 705 - Inaccessible! what's the secret?
  5. Tried to get 840MHz ... The processor needs less than -60.. but for Mobo it's too cold.. It starts but can't boot... Try to replace the capacitors with new ones.
  6. Thanks gues! upd. Mobo can do 140MHz FSB (attached screenshot)!!!!!! I changed VGA to TNT2U and system started! Golden sample, NO MODS!
  7. The higher the frequency, the smaller the increment in points. At 540MHz (135x4) the result was 580 points in this mobo & CPU... As well as at 135MHz FSB L3 cache is disabled.
  8. LGA771 & Quadro it's a really strange choice for OSIBS...
  9. RomanLV GPU-Z is not working on win9x. GRIFFgoodGood score but not good enough
  10. Thanks. Looks like we will compete again only if Infra did not overlock incredible 2500 XP-M @3600MHz
  11. I agree with you. The current Team Cup is not interesting for small teams, too much financial investment and no special appeal.
  12. what is going on here? Why start postponed for the second time? people plan vacations for the period of the competition. not good...
  13. 8 series is not supported 82.69 drivers. the problem is not in memory. I tried 8600GT 256MB - same problem as with 8800 Ultra... driver is installed but windows not start. What about X1900 series?
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