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  1. Hi. Need OCP and OVP mods for GTX 260 (65nm) reference card with Volterra VT1165MF. Can anyone help?
  2. Hi guys. I'm looking for an old utility Quantum Force 2900 Bios Editor. can anyone share? Thanks.
  3. Overclocking is DEAD! I'm not talking about extreme overclockers. BUT! I strongly doubt that someday the time will come as in the millennium. I remember Mendocino... I have in my collection 433 Mendocino that can do 650МГц with 100 FSB on air! in the 99th it was a bomb!! 100US price processor kicks and kicks and kicks ass many hundred bucks Pentium II 450! this is profit! Or Athlon thunderbird with L1 bridges... bring it on! 700 to 1000! Or 1000 to 1533! This is overclocking! today it's just bullshit with turbos and else... What about amazing R300/350 (9500 to 9700Pro/9800SE to 9800 Pro) or NV40! I love NV40!! 6800LE -> unmask blocks, softvoltmod bios up to 1.5V GPU and you can get 450-460МHz with 6800 Ultra performance!!
  4. Hi, Yesterday I submitted the superpi 1m score https://hwbot.org/submission/4105333_ but it not ranked yet. what's wrong? All another submissions ranked after a couple of seconds.
  5. The cartridge is factory packaging! Today slot A is almost a collector's processor. And I for example would not have opened this processor for any reason. You forget that you can use "gold finger" and for its use it is not necessary to open the cartridge it is enough to carefully cut a piece of plastic in the right place. You're still sure that Orion and Pluto are different cores, I do not think so.
  6. to beat this result is not a problem. I decided not to participate in that competition.
  7. Do you re-read the rules every time you visit the site? I do not argue that formally the screenshot does not comply with the rules just like the screenshot in this submission. There were no notifications about changing the rules, neither on the main page nor on e-mail. If you see that the user does not know about the changes in the rules or does not know completely why not to say? This is me you're asking about this ore someone else? In second round OSIBS Leeghoofd saw that the submission does not comply with the rules and instead of saying that there are inconsistencies and how the screenshot should look just removed from OSIBS. After this in his private messages, he explained the reason, I corrected everything, but he did not want to restore the result. Due to the removal of these two results, our team did not take the overall third place. And everyone knows that the results are right, but formally did not comply with the rules. Where did the normal relationships between people that were several years ago have gone? For me, this is wild.
  8. I do not want to argue, for me it's humiliating. But either we look at the screenshot from the formal side of the rules or humanely. (Google translate)
  9. Oh yeah? what important information is covered in this screenshot? dudes legs? I thought that the console with render time is more important.
  10. What about the rules? My result was blocked when another window a little covered red area? Here is screenshot from rules, look at the size of red area "3D marks window". And daimons reported now, not after the end of the competition as some users do-)
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